• Company Introduction
  • History
  • Business Organization
  • Research & Development Network
Since the early 90s, Alloferon, Inc. worked together with Russian scientist to study immune system of insects. As a result, they were able to extract a bioactive substance called
‘Alloferon’ from fruit flies. Alloferon, Inc. is the world’s first pharmaceutical bio-tech enterprise
to have successfully developed a medicinal product through a mass chemical synthesis of
insect-derived substances.
As a result of a long-winded clinical study on Alloferon, Alloferon, Inc acquired a new Anti-Virus drug permit from the Russian Ministry of Health under the brand name ‘Allokin-alpha’. It is currently registered as a new drug in the registry of Ukraine, Moldova, and Mongolia. It is available in the market for treatment of HPV(Human Papilloma Virus), HSV(Herpes Simplex Virus) and Acute Hepatitis B related diseases. Alloferon, Inc. is currently pursuing negotiations with pharmaceutical companies and related organizations to expand the sales market into China, India, 10 Asian countries and the CIS registry.

‘Allokin-alpha’ (www.allokin.ru) is the world’s only prescription drug known to effectively eliminate HPV, which is known
to cause Cervical Cancer. In an effort to internationalize this prescription drug to OECD nations, preclinical trial preparations and provisions for manufacturing in cGMP facilities are under progress in Europe. Further preparations are in progress in Europe for manufacturing and clinical trials for the global registration of a newly developed substance called AT201 for treating Asthma and Atopic dermatitis.

As a result of research and development, Alloferon, Inc. has procured a variety of new substances, as well as intellectual property rights. The company is making an effort to make an advancement as a global pharmaceutical company by developing the new substances based on the experience of successfully commercializing medicinal products, and also by solidifying an independent research basis and collaborating with world-renowned research laboratories around the world.

Alloferon, Inc. is aiming to become a global pharmaceutical enterprise capable of improving human health through the development of new innovative drug substances in areas of HPV, Herpes, Asthma, Atopic Dermatitis, for which effective treatment currently do not exist.