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The objective and direction of Alloferon’s research and development focuses on multi-national clinical trials and registration of new drugs in the global market for expansion of range of application of newly developed substances and commercialization in the international market.

Alloferon I (Alloferon-1)

It is an antivirus medicine currently available in Russia by the brand name Allokin-alpha. Its main area of application and research direction are described below.

1. HPV

HPV is known to be the cause of cervical cancer, which is the second most common cancer found in women. It is a virus that has over 100 genotypes, and Allokin-alpha is the only specialized medicine proven to effectively eliminate this virus. Allokin-alpha effectively eliminates almost all genotype HPV through six 1mg subcutaneous injections. When it is administered after surgical removal of the tumor in cervical cancer patients, it not only eliminates HPV, but it is also proven to enhance the immune function in the patient to prevent the recurrence of the tumor. HPV is categorized as an STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

2. Herpes

It is an STD known to be caused due to HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). It is very difficult to cure completely and it is known to be chronically recurrent.
There are many antivirus medications currently available in the market in capsule, intravenous, and ointment forms, but the Herpes Simplex Virus that lie dormant in ganglions is very difficult to eliminate. Complete cure is known to be very difficult. Three 1mg Allokin-alpha injections helps inhibit the virus, minimize recurrence, and relieve the symptoms.

3. Acute Hepatitis B

Six 1mg Allokin-alpha injections for Acute Hepatitis B patients provide fast recovery and also prevent the development of chronic symptoms. It is categorized as an STD.


The efficacy of Alloferon against HIV/AIDS is currently in progress. Plans to develop Alloferon as an immune modulation supplement to accompany existing medications.

5. Respiratory disease virus

Outstanding efficacy against Influenza virus type A and B has been proven through animal testing. Preparations are in progress to test its efficacy against SARS, MERS, and EBOLA viruses.


It is our research team’s No.2 new drug candidate. Preparations are in progress for general studies and clinical trials in Europe to develop the substances as a medication for immune system related incurable diseases
(3A - Asthma, Atopic dermatitis, Allergy).

1. Asthma

It is a chronic allergic reaction that causes dyspnea due to respiratory infections. The efficacy of AT201 has been proven through animal testing. Plans are in the works to develop a medication in aerosol format. It is also proven to be effective for rhinitis.

2. Atopic dermatitis

It is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. It is possible to treat it using steroids and antihistamine medications to provide temporary relief of inflammation and other symptoms. However, it is difficult to cure completely, and risks of various side effects are present. Plans are in the works to develop a treatment in ointment or cream format.

3. Allergy

It is an incurable disease caused due to antigen-antibody reaction as a result of an immune system malfunction. Symptoms may include rashes, itchiness, cough, and other abnormal hypersensitive reactions. It is possible to treat it using steroids and antihistamine medications to provide temporary relief of inflammation and other symptoms. However, it is difficult to cure completely, and risks of various side effects are present. We anticipate to develop a complete cure without any side effects through AT201/202’s properties that induce normalization of the immune system.


It is our research team’s No.3 new drug candidate. It is the result of an extensive proteonomics research process conducted in an effort to maximize the anticancer properties of our No.1 new drug substance. Development process is in progress using Alloferon, of which efficacy has already been proven through animal testing, to create medicines for treating leukemia, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Base Material for Functional Cosmetics

Currently, our company is developing and supplying functional cosmetics developed using over 30 peptides as the base material, for which we own the intellectual property rights. Based on the proven functionality of At-α, At-α plus, and Peptide Easter, which are available in the market, we are aiming to export our cosmetics products to China. We are planning to develop various products that are effective for restoration of damaged skin due to UV rays and infections, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle, etc.